About Lisa

  “Knowledge is only power when used productivly.”
~ Lisa R. Brooks, J.D.

Lisa R. Brooks, J.D.

I am an author, speaker, and business strategist.

Partnering With Creative Artists

Via my consulting business, Gisst Information Strategies, and my work with the Success Blossoms Entrepreneur Network, I partner with creative artists and leaders as they build their knowledge into power and unleash that power into a thriving business.

I help business owners develop strategic initiatives that correlate with long-term business goals and break those initiatives down into manageable tasks. No strategic plan holds its value without implementation. Accordingly, I hold individuals accountable for reaching designated milestones and monitoring the metrics that are key to their industry.

I work with all entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of industry, excelling at coaching businesses built around intellectual property and creative assets.

Information & Business Strategies

I serve as a strategic business partner for entrepreneurs looking to maximize the exploitation of creative assets. I act as an information strategist rather than a legal counselor, placing emphasis on engaging in proactive and strategic solutions to business challenges. Think of me as Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (“The Fixer”) for entrepreneurs, particularly authors and business leaders with a transformative message.

With extensive legal experience at top tier law firms and significant in-house corporate experience, my expertise covers both transactional and litigation matters. I practiced entertainment and intellectual property law for many years in California before moving back to my hometown in Missouri.

My Writing and Personal Interests

Lisa Rayne

I live with my two daughters, a teenager addicted to volleyball and track and a preteen who loves art and dance. When I am not strategizing on a business project or playing fan to my daughters, I  am usually writing. Under the pen name Lisa Rayne, I write romantic fiction and intellectual thrillers (a little bit of Michael Crichton meets Nora Roberts). Under my given name, I write non-fiction about understanding intellectual property rights and becoming an authorpreneur. My first fiction project will be released in late 2014. My first non-fiction project is still in the works.

Follow me on Twitter via @BrooksLisaR or my fiction-writing alter ego via @AuthorRayne.

Areas of Expertise

  • Advertising
  • Book Publishing
  • Business
  • Contracts
  • Content Acquisition
  • Compliance
  • Copyright
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Entreprenuership
  • Learning Strategies
  • Licensing
  • Music Publishing
  • Network Marketing
  • Trademarks
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Planning



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